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2 wick candles

Room and Linen Sprays

Spring-Summer Home Fragrances

Odor Eliminator Candle - Best Sellers

Mood Boosting Candles

Autumnal Collection

Musk Scented Candles

Earthy Scented Candle

Citrus Scented Candle

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Clean Scents

Wax Embed Scented Candles

Clean burning coconut wax candles

Room and Linen Sprays

Specially Handcrafted

The goal of Curry People Candle Co is to showcase the love of South Asian curries, and the power of handmade, clean-burning, ethically sourced candles against cooking smells.

My Story

I love my curries! But the smells that come from sautéing spices are hard to get rid-off. Burning candles from popular chain stores used to help but I noticed that not all scents performed well. After months of research, hunting down supplies, and testing, accurately scented candle making quickly became an obsession. When the time came to name my creation, I had to pay ode to the curry-loving people.

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100% Tested

Strongly Scented kitchen candles!

Designed to overpower curry cooking smell. We are retailer of odor eliminating handmade candles and wax melts . Our 2 Wick Candles , wax melt are made of soy blend wax, coconut wax and cotton wicks, phthalate and paraben free oils that are 100% safe to burn in your home !

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