My Story

Hi! My name is Iffat and I love my curries!

But the smells that come from sautéing spices are hard to get rid-off. Burning candles from popular chain stores used to help but I noticed that not all scents performed well. Also, when the pandemic hit a lack of access to those candles online in Canada encouraged me to make my own. How hard could it be? It was going to be my pandemic sourdough starter. After months of research, hunting down supplies, and testing, it quickly became an obsession. When the time came to name my creation, I had to pay ode to the curry-loving people.

The focus of curry people candle co. will always be its curry blaster line, finding the best scents that can overpower the cooking smells. In this regard, I believe certain popular seasonal scents do not work. Therefore, I will carry a limited number of those seasonal scents. For example, fresh linen or ocean mist might smell wonderful in the entryway/living room, I believe it will never work in the kitchen. My candles, therefore, comes with room suggestions for each scent. 

Each item in my shop is handcrafted at my home in Pickering, Ontario. I go through a rigorous testing process with wicks, scents, wax, and jar combinations before listing an item. At the moment I am using soy wax blended with high-grade paraffin wax for my candles. This ensures a stronger scent than soy wax alone. 

At my shop I mention the exact amount of wax that I put in each jar. A 8 oz jar will never hold 8 oz of wax because wax takes-up more space than water. I believe customer deserves to know what they are paying for. My 10 oz candles are made in 16 oz jar, 8 oz  candles are made in 12 oz jar and 6 oz candles are made in 8 oz jars.

I now offer 100 % coconut wax candles for those interested in more natural, plant-based, cleaner and sustainable home fragrance options. My aim has always been to offer a choice of two different types of wax that fill the room with their delicious scents, in a noticeable way.