Clean burning coconut wax candles

Experience the Magic of Clean Burning Coconut Wax Candles!

Crafted from the finest quality of all-natural wax derived from coconut oils, our Coconut Wax Candles collection combines superior burn quality, sustainable sourcing and lush scents sourced from nature to give you a sensory experience like no other. The Coconut wax candles in our collection are not only known for their cleaner burn, but they also boast a greater fragrance-hold compared to conventional wax candles.

An integral part of our collection is the eco-friendly sourcing and packaging of our candles. Coconut wax is a great renewable resource that has a minimized impact on the environment, making our collection suitable for the environmentally conscious individual. Unlike traditional candles, coconut wax candles produce less soot and have a longer burn time, offering you countless hours of pure, aromatic bliss.