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Book Scented | 13 oz | Matte Glass Jar | Coconut wax Candle

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A candle that transports you to the serene atmosphere of an old library, where time slows down and stories come alive. This unique fragrance evokes the essence of aged paper, rich antique woodwork, and the subtle scent of vanilla perfume. Perfect for book lovers and those who cherish quiet moments, 'My Weekend is Fully Booked' sets the ideal ambiance for a cozy reading nook or a peaceful retreat.

•    13 oz net weight
•    Height: 4.1 inch
•    Width: 3.75 inch
•    Weight Per Candle 1.1 lb
•    Made with coconut wax and cotton wicks.
•    Scent blended with essential oils and certified to be Clean Scent, free of harmful chemicals.
•    Trim wicks to 1/4th inch before each burn for longer candle life.
•    Recommended maximum burn time: 3 to 4 hours at a time.